How to Choose Affordable and Technically Advanced Printers

A large number of documents today float in softcopies. These may be in the form of digital documents in various forms but they are acceptable almost everywhere. This is a kind of complete shift in the way businesses operated or office documentations took place a decade ago. However, even in this increasingly advanced computer era, need for printed documentation has not subsided. In fact more technical advancement has taken over the yesteryear printing patterns. Result is – we see much more lucrative designs and high-definition images getting printed.
Having realized the significance of printing in the modern world, it should not be wrong to say that the business world largely relies upon high quality printing. Chunk of their publicity happens through printed material and evidently, their dependence on modern age, sophisticated printers is evident.

Large variety of printing solutions:

Need of the hour is such an agency which can take care of a large variety of printing solutions. On one hand, there are businesses which need printed items for their promotions, offers, updates, information of different types and the other, there are government or public sector needing their own printed items. For this, it is important that the printed material is catchy, lucrative and vibrant. All that clearly signifies how dependent businesses are on printed material and further, printing agencies are on advanced printing solutions.

Elegant Printers – meeting expectations:

When businesses grow, they want world class agencies to associate with and expect high standard solutions for their everyday and special needs. When it comes to printing solutions, one agency is predominantly preferred by businesses and then name is Elegant Printers. As the name says it all, elegance is the prime attribute of all printing jobs done at Elegant Printers. The agency has innovative minds that can produce business-centric designs for any business under the sun. Moreover, the agency’s design finesse gets rightly complemented by their extraordinary printing devices and inclusion of latest advancements.

As a result, Elegant Printers is the leading agency for printing every print item for businesses – right from brochures to pamphlets and from flyers to visiting cards! All these things mean serious business and so companies needing them cannot rely upon inexperienced people with below average printing facilities.

Many Printing Options available

Screen printing has been an all time favourite from many perspectives and this traditional printing approach is prevalent to this day. A noteworthy amount of work gets done on offset printing. The prominence of offset printing can be understood from the fact that a lot of businesses want some specific items to be designed and printed through offset printing. The new age and revolutionary alternate is digital printing. This allows exceedingly good picture quality and the paper finish is awesome too.

Elegant Printers of Bangalore is such an agency which offers all these printing regimes and deals in all of the three of them. Elegant Printers is many steps ahead of its counterparts as the agency aims to touch most aspects of human life and expects to serve many more businesses. Incorporating revolutionary changes, the agency looks forward to shine brighter than before.

A Complete Guide to Offset Printing Process

Offset Printing is a printing technique in which the ink is transferred from plate to blanket. In this way, high-quality designs and images are produced.

It is majorly used in work that requires mass production which includes printing brochures, newspapers, boxes, magazines, etc.

It is used widely in several industries since it offers results that are consistent while the output is of high quality.

So, if you live in and around Bangalore, it is recommended that you opt for the best offset printers in Bangalore.

Thus, in this article, we would talk about the complete offset printing process. Let us have a look:-

What are the various types of Offset Printing processes?

Offset Printing based on Web-Fed

This type of offset printing is commonly used in the printing of boxes and newspapers. In this, paper rolls are fed into the press and it can print more than 5000 materials. Likewise, it has the capacity of producing over 3000 papers per minute. Hence, it is perfect for companies who are looking to print large quantities in a small period. So, you can rely upon top offset printers to get the job done.

Offset Printing based on Sheet-Fed

In this, small quantities are printed as the papers are fed on an individual basis. But, the matter of fact is that it is the quickest printing option that you can opt for. Thus, it has the capacity of printing about 24000 papers per hour. Also, due to the fact that in the last few years, the speed of sheet-fed has improved greatly due to modernization.

What is the process involved in offset printing?

Process involved in Pre-Press

It is important to prepare the press before printing as it will determine the optimal printing output. One of the mistakes that are done commonly by designers is not converting from RBG to CMYK format. Thus, to ensure the files are prepared currently, you must get in touch with a printing company or packaging specialist.

Process involved in Offset Printing

In this, texts are placed on the plate which is usually a metal sheet. After this, it is transferred into a rubber cylinder which is used during offset printing. So, if you want to print on both sides of the paper, then two plates would be needed. Next, the paper is fed by the roller into the press. Hence, artwork prints or design is created while offering a high-quality output of the color.

What are the benefits of offset printing?

High Quality is offered

In offset printing, ink is used as compared to toner. Hence, the print that you get is a lot clearer and richer.

Cost is Low

When it comes to offset printing, a large quantity of printing is performed. Since a large quantity is produced, the cost becomes ideally cheaper.

Efficient and Fast

It is capable of printing the materials at a very fast rate and that too in high quality.

Dynamic and Flexible

One of the good aspects of offset printing is that it can be used for different materials. These include cardboard, paper, leather, wood, and plastic to name a few. It can also cater to customized design requests.